Boilers And Appliances

We take great care on Heating Systemssupplying our customers with the correct boiler choice & size. This will be within your budget and property type requirement. All boiler manufacturers are catered for with us. We can offer extended warranties on all Vailliant boilers and appliances.

Depending on your Vaillant boiler choice, we are able to offer up to a 10yr Warranty on any of our installations. We are a Vaillant Advance Installer who can offer extended Warranties. Please view our Safety page for more information.

We can cover all GAS and OIL fired appliances. We are registered installers for Gas & OIL installations.

We do not just cater for boilers, we are qualified in the installation, servicing, and repair of cookers, hobs, range cookers, fires, pipe work and water heaters on gas and boilers, cookers, pipe work, stoves & tanks on oil, as part of our efficient service. All gas & oil installations are notified and/or self certified.

A boiler breakdown, gas or oil leak can strike at any given time which is not expected. This is why we take care of all boiler breakdowns, gas & oil leak trace & repair, gas cooker and fire installation service & repair. This also includes gas fired water heaters, oil tank installation, oil boiler, stove, cooker installation, servicing & repair, all faulty gas & oil appliances. Our 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service caters just for those vary needs. We are efficient in finding the problem to completing the full repair, this is done swiftly with our service, from your initial call to us.

Plate / Secondary Heat Exchanger Cleaning 

Heating SystemsWe offer a drop in service to clean any Boiler or appliance Plate / Secondary Heat Exchanger. Using our experience and all specialised, chemicals, we are able to remove all Scale & Iron Oxide. Our service is second to none with outstanding, results. Common symptom that you require this service will relate to your appliance where fitted, hot water. Common symptoms are tepid hot water or temperature changes when any hot water in use.

This service can be carried out within your property at our standard rates. If preferred, we offer an in house service which minimises the labour costs of our visit. We are able to offer a fixed cost of £30.00 + VAT per Plate. Just drop off, we rectify and then collect.

With this service, our Head Office will be the location to drop off and collect. We are able to take Cash or Debit / Credit Card for this service only. We will inspect, clean and test prior to collection. 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed...

Please <a/title="Contact Us" href="">Contact Us with any questions in relation to this service. If you are unsure of the correct symptoms, a visit can be arranged and any issues, will be diagnosed & rectified.

Gas Fire Installation

Heating SystemsWelcome to our gas fire & wall heater section. We know that any living space requires a focal gas fire or just a wall heater for space heating. We are able to install all gas fires, wall heaters and flueless type fires. We abide by the Gas Safe rules & regulations to install, maintain and service all gas appliances.

Our expertise on any fire installation using either an open flue, flue or flueless system can be undertaken with us. Any ventilation for the combustion process will be adhered for all installations, servicing or repairs.

Our main task is to make sure any fire or wall heater is working efficiently and correctly, minimising any hazard situation. We are able to offer gas safety inspections on all domestic gas fired appliances.

As with all gas fired equipment, we recommend an annual service to carry out all required checks, especially if using an open flued gas fire (chimney.) Servicing will take around 1hr to complete and will need to be cool prior to our engineers, visit. We recommend the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm within the same room or in close proximity to any gas fired appliance where possible.

Cookers And Hobs

Heating Systems Dunstable Cooker InstallationAs part of our efficient service, we offer all cooker, hob and range installation, servicing & repair. From new installations to replacements, we are able to undertake all aspects of gas cooking appliances. We also cover duel fuel range cookers in all sizes. With installation work, all installations are notified to local building control and Gas Safe. An installation certificate will be issued.

On installation, the gas supply needs to be in the correct location, suitable cooker chain installed for stability and also free from wobbling. If a duel fuel cooker or range needs to be installed, a suitable electrician may be required to undertake the electrical installation as with a duel fuel, more electricity will be required and suitable cable, fuse and switch.

All cookers and hobs now need to be fitted with a suitable Flame Failure Device as from 2008 in Flats, Apartments, Rented Accommodation, high risk area's and bedsits. Dwellings such as houses and bungalows do not apply. We do strongly recommend a cooking appliance with a built in FFD.

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