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Dunstable Central Heating - We can install, service & repair Heating Systemsall types of central heating systems. We cover gravity fed, combination, sealed  & open vented systems. We are qualified in energy efficiency & combustion performance analysis to self certify any new central heating installation to local building control. We bring all current installations up to meet current regulations. Ideally, this should be undertaken when a new central heating system is replaced or installed. We cover domestic, commercial & industrial oil systems for domestic, commercial & industrial use.

If you experience a central heating fault, our 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service is available all year round. We cover pump failures, electrical issues, motorised valves, radiators, central heating controls, central heating breakdown repairs and all power flush symptoms. Central Heating Service at competitive prices, not compromising on any work. Power Flushing & Radiator Installation Service.

Our Dunstable Central Heating service offers all gas & oil fired central heating systems. We can design the correct system to suit our customers needs, all the correct sizing of radiator installation, boiler and pipe work will be undertaken correctly with us. Contact Us for a free estimate or comprehensive quote.

Leak Tracing Using Leak Trace Gas

Heating systemsWe are able to diagnose, Heating Systemsrepair, any leak through any pipework using various methods. One method is to use Leak Trace Gas, a Gas Sniffer to locate the smallest trace of any leaks. This technique injects a combination of Gasses into the pipework, a Gas Leak Detector designed just for this Gas will locate all small sized leaks.

Leak Trace Gas is Environmentally safe, using a combination of 95% Nitrogen with 5% Hydrogen. With a special Gas Leak Detector, designed just for this combination of Gases, this makes Leak Tracing, Easy.

If you require any further information in relation to this Service, please Contact Us, with regard to any of our leak detection Services.

A typical requirement would be when a Combination Boiler loses pressure periodically, with no evidence of a leak. This would be also applied to any sealed Central Heating system. Underfloor Heating, is another example. Due to any of these systems having Water as the fluid within any pipework, leaks are normally noticeable. If a leak is apparent and maybe under flooring in the lower area, leaks are normally, undetected. Leak Trace is an option.

A. White Plumbing Service Ltd are able to carry out any of our Services, safely, efficient with hassle free, expertise. We transport, use, any equipment within Health & Safety regulations.

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