Water Leak Detection

Plumbing does not come without problems. If you experience a water leak, we are at your service. With our service you can rest assured we will locate any water leak (Using acoustic detection.) With our trace and repair service, any leak can be located and repaired. We cover all above and below mains & drainage pipes, surface or concealed pipework, all cisterns & cylinders and central heating systems including radiators.

Contact Us to rectify any problematic situation. Our 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service will cater for all your water related leaks. From dripping taps to burst pipes, leaks, even the smallest leak can be diagnosed & repaired with us.

Insulate all pipework where possible in vulnerable locations. Make sure all stopcocks are in working condition, periodically turn to prevent seizing. Know where the suppliers water meter is located in case of any emergency.


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