Power Flushing

We provide full system power flushing at competitive prices. To increase the circulation through your central heating boiler and radiators, a power flush does just that. Whenever we change or install a new boiler, we power flush the system which cleans all dirt, rust, debris, corrosion, slime, sludge, flux, scale and solder from the system. We use the most common treatments available on the market. If you notice the bottoms of your radiators are feeling cold (while the heating is on), then your system may need a power flush. If a system continues to run with excess debris and sludge in the pipe work, it can damage and strain the boiler, so having your system flushed can save hundreds of pounds in the long run.

Power Flushing

24/7 Emergency Call Out Service

In the event of an electrical fault, electrician emergency, plumbing leak, blocked drainage, central heating fault, boiler breakdown, gas or oil leak emergency, you can call at any time; 24hrs a day, 7days a week on 01582 476917. We will arrive and resolve the problem within the hour, with absolutely no call out charge. We can diagnose any repair quickly and efficiently. From your first call to us, we will handle everything; stopping any damaging effects of the problem, completing a repair and maintaining an efficient system, for trouble free electrical, plumbing, heating, boiler, drainage, gas & oil for years to come. Please view our Pricing Hertfordshire, Pricing Bedfordshire, Pricing Buckinghamshire or Pricing Dunstable, please Contact Us with your requirement.

Our Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a 1yr year labour only guarantee on all our work. (Excludes 3rd party involvement and malicious damage.) (See Our Terms & Conditions.) All material warranties are issued by the manufacturer, unless authorised by A. White Plumbing Service Ltd to cover their terms.

Many appliances will include a longer manufacturers guarantee, this means we can either still carry out any necessary repairs within our Terms of warranty. Further repairs will be undertaken by their manufacturer. (We are not able to Guarantee Customer, Supplied Materials. . .)

Our after care programme is you safeguard in any fault during the 1yr labour warranty period from the date of our invoice, manufacturer warranty period will be covered under their scheme. If a fault during the warranty period occurs, please do not hesitate in contacting us for an immediate solution, or rectification. View any of the Manufacturers above, for their Terms & Warranty period. (Not An Exhausted List Of Manufacturers. . .

Accredited Boiler Installers

Although we are approved / accredited installers, we can still install all other makes & models of Boilers. Being an approved / accredited installer, we are able to offer our customers extended Warranties. Non approved / accredited installers, can't. Your Boiler upgrade or installation, just got easier. . .